As an education leader, we at GreenAcres recognize the importance of providing our customers options in the community to further their quest for better health.

This often involves local support groups, practitioners that can provide testing options, screenings, evaluations, and sometimes just knowing other resources to gather more information.  We are only as strong as our entire health and wellness community!  We partner with these groups and practitioners on our classes, seminars, events and in store screenings so be sure and sign up for our email mailing list as well as join us on Facebook & Twitter!  You don’t want to miss out because we have a lot of events and classes on a regular basis ranging from local foods, to the science behind Fish Oils. The more awareness we can create – the better success we have in supporting you on your health journey.  If our staff member can’t answer your question, we’ll help you find the resource to continue you on your path!


11436 SW Thunder Rd
Augusta, KS, 67010
Phone: (316) 775-5576
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Momma Salsa

Momma Salsa adventure all started with Mom and Pop Hufman along with their children and grandchildren in spring of 2006. We planned to have a tomato garden where the grandchildren could work for the summer and earn money.  Well at first we were only to have 500 plants, but ended up with 7,000 tomato plants.  It took the better part of 6 months from start to finish for that season.  Needless to say after selling at all the farmer markets we could find, selling at the road side stand and making calls letting people know we had tomatoes to give away, we still had an overflow.  Mom Hufman went to work along with the grandchildren trying to make the perfect salsa blend.  The grandchildren tested each batch till they said, “This is it Grandma, This is the one”.  Response to the blend of Tomatoes, bell peppers, sugar, spices and vinegar was so tremendous that, in early 2007, Momma Salsa became a one-product business focusing exclusively on Momma Salsa.


2252 N. Coolidge Ave.
Wichita, KS, 67204
Phone: (316) 260-6455
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Holmes Made Salsa

We make all of our products in a licensed kitchen locally. We use the freshest ingredients available. We purchase fresh produce locally when the season permits.



3513 E 105th Ter
Kansas City, MO, 64137
Phone: (944) 296-5777
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Get Real Food

At GetReal Food Company we make naturally brewed sparkling beverages. Our beverages are a whole food product. The majority of our products are raw and organic. All of our products are brewed using a proprietary culture that provides our drinks with natural carbonation (not forced CO2). We put them into reusable bottles so they can be returned and filled again, helping you reduce your carbon footprint!



14406 W 100th St.
Lenexa, Kansas, 66215
Phone: (913) 599-2158
Fax: (913) 599-2160
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Tall Grass Toffee, Inc.

Chef owned family business creating quality products. No preservatives or corn syrup. All products made in small batches to maintain quality. We believe that always using quality ingredients results in quality products.



778 N 950 Rd
Lawrence, KS, 66047
Phone: (785) 748-0703
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Nut Nation LLC

Our company is nearly two years old and has been very fortunate to have wonderful local support. Our seasoned and smoked pistachios are all natural, gluten free and without msg, additives, colorings or preservatives. The pistachios are also low in sodium.

As the owner of the company and a certified nutritionist, I am very diligent in assuring that we have an all natural product. I believe that consumers are much more educated about good health and healthy eating and are looking for snacks that are nutritious, delicious and good for you. Nut Nation Pistachios are all three.

Pistachios are loaded with antioxidants and phosphorus and have been recently proven to lower cholesterol. So pistachios are already good for you. We just took something that’s delicious and made it even better.


710 E 22nd St, Suite C
Lawrence, KS, 66046
Phone: (785) 312-8638
Fax: (785) 312-8639

Central Soyfoods LLC

Established in 1978, Central Soyfoods has been handcrafting tofu & tempeh for the Lawrence and K.C. area. Delivered fresh & made from only locally sourced organic soybeans, Central’s tofu and tempeh is highly esteemed for its quality and taste.


1608 West 39th St
Kansas City, MO, 64111
Phone: (816) 797-2520
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Yummy’s Choice

Yummy’s Choice is the brand name for a line of authentic and delicious “mediterranean made easy™” products. All Yummy’s Choice products are all-natural, hand-packed and made with the finest ingredients available, by Chef Kamal and his talented staff. Our mission is to make Yummy’s Choice products the best you can buy.


2932 Goldenrod
Durham, KS, 67438
Phone: (620) 732-2846
Fax: (620) 732-2150
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Jason Wiebe Dairy

3rd generation farm that milks mixed breed cows for rich milk used to make cheese on farm in a state and federally inspected processing plant.

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