Much controversy seems to swirl around vegetables these days. Are they more nutritious right out of the ground or off the vine, in their pristine, raw state, or are they better cooked which may release certain enzymes that benefit the consumer in ways he ... read more

They can’t seem to get enough of that chocolaty, cinnamon goodness that reads like an Easter bread for the Czechs and the Poles, but more like an every-day cake for the Jews. The Czechs, Hungarians and Ukrainians made Nut Roll—layers of pastry, brushe... read more

GreenAcres has lots of vegetarian and vegan customers, so naturally we stock soy and non-dairy products for them, and we prepare RAW desserts and, in our stores that have delis, we offer house-made soups and menu items customers with food sensitivities ca... read more

One of the big things to come out of Victoria Boutenko’s book, “Green Smoothie Revolution,” was the way the millennials (20-30 age group) embraced the green drink in this decade with gusto, preferring to sip their salads through a straw…even for b... read more

At the start of the 21st century, Americans consumed a mere 8 million pounds of avocados during Super Bowl Sunday. But that has all changed thanks in part to the marketing efforts of Hass Avocados and our burgeoning Hispanic immigrant population. This com... read more