Looking at GreenAcres huge array of milks, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed about which to buy. So here’s a little “cheat sheet” to help you navigate the dairy aisles: Traditional Milk This is milk that’s taken from the cow, then pasteurized (he... read more

Cindy, our Health and Beauty Department expert, is a big fan of jojoba oil. “It was brought to America by Spanish settlers and is used in the more expensive skincare lines,” says Cindy. It’s also used as a carrier oil for aromatherapy essential oils... read more

Seasoned GreenAcres shoppers have been helping themselves to our bulk department for years; but new customers may not know a bulk section exists in all of our eight markets. The bulk department is located in different locales in each store, but once you... read more

It’s interesting to look at how we eat and shop in the 21st century. Obviously, through the centuries, we’ve gone from food foraging to food gathering to food heating and cooling to food processing to fast food, microwavable meals and now back to real... read more

Terry Lemerond, a supplement founder, formulator and blogger writes a lot about Curcumin and the herb that is at its basis: Turmeric. When Terry was at GreenAcres-Bradley Fair last spring, he spoke to a packed house of 250 people about the curing benefits... read more

Much controversy seems to swirl around vegetables these days. Are they more nutritious right out of the ground or off the vine, in their pristine, raw state, or are they better cooked which may release certain enzymes that benefit the consumer in ways he ... read more