Tonia and Randy Rupe of Lucky Star Farms have spent years developing and caring for family-owned ranch land in Greenwood County, KS. Lucky Star sets the benchmark for humanely-treated animals and perfectly marbled meat. GreenAcres Market offers Lucky Star... read more

Beginning in June, the first harvests of the summer start coming to market from the Southern states—Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas.  That’s when the stone fruits, like peaches, plums, avocados and apricots are at their best, and ripe for the picking... read more

We’ll be hearing from Steve Weber, founder of High Plains Honey (shown here with his wife holding bottles of honey), this coming Saturday at Breakfast with Matt (GA-Bradley Fair) about the state of our vanishing bee population and what’s being done to... read more

GreenAcres Market is located in three Midwestern states and now we can take advantage of local products in five cities and surrounding towns. We tend to like it that way. We get to know the farmers and growers, the manufacturers and the producers. We can ... read more

By now most of the GreenAcres Market chain of stores in three Midwestern states should have sought-after wagyu beef for sale. If it hasn’t quite arrived in the frozen meat coffins in a GreenAcres near you, not to worry it will be there shortly. GreenAcr... read more

You can find a Farmers Market in Wichita, KS almost any day of the week. Of course, we at GreenAcres are partial to our own market every Tuesday from 3 – 6 p.m. May 1 – Sept. 25, in the parking lot in front of our store. GreenAcres Kansas City in... read more