St. Patty’s Day is here and we know by experience on March 17, everyone is a little bit Irish whether they really are or not. “Quick, kiss me! I’m Irish!” People wear the green and revel in the day by drinking Irish ale or preparing meals for love... read more

Beginning in June, the first harvests of the summer start coming to market from the Southern states—Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas.  That’s when the stone fruits, like peaches, plums, avocados and apricots are at their best, and ripe for the picking... read more

If you’re looking for optimal health from a plant-based, whole food shake, look no further.  Vega One, a Canadian company that has a manufacturing plant in the northwestern US, may be just what you’re looking for. It’s got 15 g. of protein; enough ... read more

These two bakeries may share roots in the same state, but that’s where the “alliteration affiliation” ends. Except, both companies make excellent products that sell amazingly well at all eight of our GreenAcres stores. So what’s their story? First... read more