Much controversy seems to swirl around vegetables these days. Are they more nutritious right out of the ground or off the vine, in their pristine, raw state, or are they better cooked which may release certain enzymes that benefit the consumer in ways he ... read more

Beginning in June, the first harvests of the summer start coming to market from the Southern states—Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas.  That’s when the stone fruits, like peaches, plums, avocados and apricots are at their best, and ripe for the picking... read more

You can find a Farmers Market in Wichita, KS almost any day of the week. Of course, we at GreenAcres are partial to our own market every Tuesday from 3 – 6 p.m. May 1 – Sept. 25, in the parking lot in front of our store. GreenAcres Kansas City in... read more