So what do the “successful” eat for breakfast. We took a tour of the Internet and found out some interesting facts. Many believe in jump starting their morning with a protein shake of some kind; some eat two breakfasts; some hardly eat breakfast at all.

We think you’ll agree that the “physically fit” eat organically and for nutrition and to feel good, while others not so fit (appearance wise) eat what they like and/or what they are used to. Still, please note, that the brains over brawn types who ruled counties typically ate (or didn’t eat) exactly what they liked, hang the nutrition.

So what is the point we’re getting at here? It’s probably that while breakfast rules in many a household, it probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans for those destined for stardom. Take a peek at a few preferences and see if you don’t agree.


The “TODAY” weather forecaster has had his troubles with food intake, and has had his stomach stapled and has fallen off the food wagon several times only to get back up on his breakfast menu and start anew. For the time being, Roker drinks a protein smoothie made with protein powder, fiber powder, almond milk, berries and ginger. He sweetens this concoction with a dash of agave nectar and sometimes throws in a scoop of almond butter. (Not unlike many of our own GreenAcres Market team.)


The man who started it all—Whole Foods founder John Mackey—has a smoothie every morning of his life that includes almond, oat, rice of soy milk, fresh fruit, kale and spinach leaves.


An energetic young man who has successfully segued from music man to drama guy, Timberlake told Bon Appetit magazine last year that he actually ate two breakfasts, one before workout, one after. The first consisted of waffles with flaxseed, almond butter and a scrambled egg. The later, another egg or protein shake.


The late, great first female prime minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, preferred a light menu of grapefruit and coffee, if she had breakfast at all. She said in a 1979 interview, “I don’t intend for breakfast to give me energy for the rest of my day.”

So there you have it. The Breakfast of champions is really all over the map and menu. Still, if you want excellent health and vitality, we at GreenAcres recommend you go the protein smoothie or Paleo (egg, meat and fruit) route. And, as always, we’ll be here to help you make the choice that’s best for you!