DSC02227 (386x400)The kids are heading back to school so you don’t want to skimp on “brain power.”

In fact, brain health needs to start way before your child starts school. Children need Omega 3 essential fatty acids just as much, if not more than adults. The right balance between Omega 3s and Omega 6s is crucial to the developing brain, heart and eye.

Outside of consuming copious amounts of salmon and sardines—two Omega 3 food sources kids might not be so eager to embrace until later in life—Omega 3 essential fatty acids cannot be produced by our bodies, so we need to supplement in ways children will accept.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is one Omega 3 found in fish oil that is especially beneficial for healthy fetal, infant and child development. It is the principle fatty acid comprising the brain’s cerebral cortex, supporting memory and learning, membrane fluidity and the development of certain hormone-like compounds.

DHA is also found within the eye, where it supports the development, function and maintenance of the eye’s highly active, light-receiving cells which yield a healthy vision throughout life.

DSC02230 (388x400)There is burgeoning evidence that shows DHA contributes to overall cognitive health, and research shows that Omega 3 fish oil is associated with higher cognitive performance in infants, toddlers and children as observed by improvements in intelligence scores.

So, becoming acquainted with Omega 3 fish oil and the impact it can have on your child is crucial. At GreenAcres, we partner with Nordic Naturals, and consider DHA supplements for kids the best fish oil around.

Our friends at Nordic Naturals suggest when choosing an Omega 3 fish oil make sure it is third-party tested to surpass international standards for purity and freshness, and that it comes in the highly-effective triglyceride molecular form for better absorption and results.

We welcome you to any of our eight GreenAcres Markets for a tour of the children’s fish oil aisles with one of our knowledgeable market team members. We can help you get a jump on your child’s health and start the school year off right!

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