In the GreenAcres Market newsletter, we post the month’s produce deals with prices valid from the first of the month to the 15th, and then a second set of prices from the 15th to the last day of the month. This month, you’ll notice that organi... read more

With all the diet or eating regimens out there, it was only a matter of time before serious foodies started proselytizing about which diet regimen works best for them. And that touting has come to bear on the restaurant community as well as health food an... read more

And that snack better be loaded with protein. If it’s not a protein shake—an industry that has become a $500 million behemoth—it’s a protein bar, or better yet something beefy and chewy such as grass-fed meat jerky or at least an all-natural meat ... read more

One of our top selling protein bars is the RXBAR, a whole food, delicious energy munchie that lists the ingredients on the front of its packaging in big letters so no one is disappointed or surprised what’s actually in the bar. For example, the core of ... read more

By now most of the GreenAcres Market chain of stores in three Midwestern states should have sought-after wagyu beef for sale. If it hasn’t quite arrived in the frozen meat coffins in a GreenAcres near you, not to worry it will be there shortly. GreenAcr... read more

It’s got to be the “drink du jour” because it flies out of GreenAcres daily. What’s so good about kombuca? We’re asking you! It’s fizzy, fermented and tangy—in fact a tad too tangy for some. But for others, it’s got a certain “bite” th... read more

Plant-based diets are increasingly becoming “the choice” for those who want to live long and enjoy quality of life. Customers shopping our GreenAcres Markets are searching for sustainable, good tasting foods that are not highly processed, definitely n... read more